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Customized Apparel Specialist Since 1987

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Custom garment manufacturing since 1987, SiATEX sustains high-quality products through superior workmanship and pattern work. Our experienced merchandizing teams offer the best in quality service to ensure that our clients receive the solutions that meet their specific needs. We work closely with our customers to envision the final products while providing professional advice into accomplishing that goal. Because we are the manufacturer, this allows our clients to communicate production needs directly and buy at factory prices. Most of SiATEX's customers today are through referrals. Our reputation is built upon customer word-of-mouth. Holding strict and high-quality standards while offering flexible production quantities is our promise to our customers.


As an experienced garment manufacturer, SiATEX delivers a wide range of services to designers to brands to sourcing agents and specializes in producing quality nightwear, intimates, underwear, swimwear, undergarments, and a special workshop for couture bridal wedding gowns. From sampling and pattern making to original-equipment-manufacturer (OEM) or full cut-make-trim (CMT) and fabric sourcing, each order is made with care in our ethically run garment factory in Bangladesh.






We take pride and care in every garment production run we do. Orders are handled by our well experienced and skillful staff. Products go through rigorous controls to ensure the highest quality. Consistent quality workmanship is what SiATEX is known for.


Our advantage is leveraging over 30 years of expertise in a wide range of styles and customizations to deliver the highest quality products on-time at a competitive price. Because we are the manufacturer, when you work with us, you have the benefit of direct and responsive communication, as well as the best factory direct pricing.


We will work closely with you to custom develop garments just for your brand. You will have access to the combined expertise of our skilled professionals, all will work to ensure your products are crafted to the highest standard. Patterns are kept confidential and are never reused or sold to other customers.


Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

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We custom produce every order so you can tell us what you want.


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SiATEX - Private Label Clothing Manufacturer Since 1987

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