Knitwear Manufacturers in Bangladesh

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Knitwear Manufacturers in Bangladesh
Knitwear Manufacturers in Bangladesh
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Custom Knitwear Manufacturer

SiATEX Bangladesh is a leading custom knitwear manufacturer in Bangladesh with a wide range of custom knitwear products for private label and OEM clients. We specialize in creating high-quality, fashionable, and custom knitwear items such as sweaters, cashmere, jacquard, cardigan, cable knit, turtlenecks-high-neck, pullover, casual, jumper, long sleeve tops, shrug, and shawl neck. Our commitment to quality has enabled us to achieve several certifications such as BSCI, SEDEX, OEKO-TEX 100, and WRAP.

Knitwear Bangladesh Suppliers Factory

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SiATEX: A Knitted Sweaters Manufacturers in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a leading knitted sweaters manufacturer in Bangladesh. It is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and a private label manufacturer for many of the leading brands in Asia, Europe, Australia, Latin America and the United States. As a socially responsible company, SiATEX has been certified with BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) as well as SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). The OEKO-TEX 100 certification guarantees that all their products are free from any harmful chemicals or substances.

The range of products available at SiATEX includes polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and sweaters. The production facilities at SiATEX are state-of-the-art and include digital printing machines for sublimation prints as well as embroidery machines for logo embellishments. They use only high-quality materials such as cotton jersey fabrics which provide excellent breathability while still being comfortable to wear.

Their design development team works with customers on creating unique designs that suit their brand identity. This is done through detailed discussions about colorways and cuts to ensure customer satisfaction. They also have the capacity to customize orders according to client specifications if required. Embellishments such as patches or badges can be added on request using their high-end embroidery machines that ensure superior quality results every time.

Quality control is taken very seriously at SiATEX where they conduct rigorous tests throughout the production process from raw material inspection all the way up to pre-shipment inspection before delivery. Each product goes through multiple quality checks which ensures that their clients receive only top-grade products each time without any defects or imperfections. Packaging of products is also carefully done taking into consideration factors such as protection from dust, dirt, moisture, etc.

With over 30 years of experience in garment manufacturing, it’s no surprise that SiATEX has become one of the most trusted names in knitted sweaters manufacturers in Bangladesh. Their attention to detail, commitment to excellence and customer service makes them an ideal partner for businesses looking for reliable suppliers who can deliver top quality products on time every time.

Sweaters are a popular item of clothing that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. There is an array of sweater styles available to suit any look or occasion, from pullovers to cardigans, crew necks to V-necks, and even turtlenecks and mock necks. Furthermore, there are sweaters made from various materials including wool, acrylic, cotton and performance fabrics. SiATEX Bangladesh is a leading clothing factory in Bangladesh offering customers a range of private label garments including sweaters with customised designs as per the requirements of our clients.

Garments Factory in Bangladesh for Sweaters

Bangladesh has become one of the leading nations in the world in terms of garment exports, and its factories have attracted significant global attention. The country’s sweatshirt and sweater production lines are highly specialized, with state-of-the-art machinery and skilled laborers. These factories offer a range of services, from conceptualization to final production, and have perfected their techniques through years of experience. They offer high-quality products at a highly competitive price point, making Bangladeshi garment manufacturers popular among international buyers. Furthermore, the garment sector in Bangladesh is recognized for its commitment to sustainable practices as well as providing safe working conditions for its employees. Manufacturers adhere to strict ethical codes that ensure fair wages and employment opportunities for people from all walks of life. As a result, Bangladeshi sweater makers have secured their place as reliable partners for any fashion brand or retailer looking for quality clothing at an affordable price.

Pullover Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

A pullover sweater is a classic style typically featuring a round neckline with no fastening at the front. It can be found in a range of lengths and styles such as long sleeve tunic length or cropped versions with short sleeves; all which provide great layering pieces for cooler days. Our pullover sweaters are crafted from quality fabrics such as wool or cotton and come in assorted colours making them ideal for corporate wear or everyday use.

Cardigan Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

A cardigan sweater is another popular style that features buttons down the front allowing you to adjust the fit depending on your individual needs. Cardigans offer more coverage than pullovers due to their longer length which also makes them perfect for layering over other garments during colder weathers. Our cardigans are available in both regular fit and slim fit silhouettes with knitted trims along the collar & cuffs giving them an extra stylish edge while still remaining comfortable enough for daily use.

Crew Neck Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

The crew neck sweater has become one of today’s most popular wardrobe staples due its versatility; it can be dressed up or down depending on your desired look easily lending itself to all kinds of occasions from workwear through to leisurewear. Our collection includes lightweight crew-neck sweaters made from breathable cotton fabric which make them suitable for summer evenings, as well as heavier weight versions crafted from wool making them warm enough for winter days without compromising on comfort levels ensuring they remain one of your favourite items year-round!

V-neck Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

A V-neck sweater offers an elegant alternative to standard crew neck styling; its plunging neckline adds definition whilst drawing attention away from other areas so it’s best suited if you have broad shoulders or wider hips that you want to draw attention away from! The deep V shape also gives it an ultra-flattering silhouette that will never go out of style – our selection comes in lightweight options perfect for those warmer months where a little extra ventilation may be needed while still keeping you looking polished when teamed with tailored trousers or skirts!

Turtle Neck Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Turtle neck sweaters offer maximum coverage thanks to their high collared design which extends up towards the chin providing additional warmth around the neck area during colder weathers – these types of sweaters come in various fits ranging from loose fitting styles through tighter fits allowing you choose according your desired level comfortability & looks! SiATEX Bangladesh manufacture turtle necks using luxurious cashmere yarns creating timelessly sophisticated pieces ideal for layering over shirts & blouses during colder months without having compromise on any fashion aspects!

Mock Neck Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Mock neck sweaters feature similar high collars like turtle necks however rather than continuing up towards the chin these only extend up until just below it providing subtle yet stylish protection against chills during winter times – our collection boasts an extensive array of mock necks crafted using quality fabrics like merino wools ensuring they’re not only soft but also maintain their shape better than many competing brands too! We have multiple colourways available so whether you’re after something plain black & white through till bold shades like red & yellow we’ve got something suitable regardless what type outfit intentions may be!

Shawl Collar Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Shawl collar sweaters offer something truly unique when compared alongside other more traditional styles since instead featuring high collars like turtle/mock necks these boast large extended lapels extending outwards slightly further – this makes shawl collar ideal choice if you prefer wearing something little bit different yet still maintaining tasteful elegance throughout whatever event maybe attending! All our shawl collars handmade by experienced knitters using premium grade fabrics meaning not only do they look wonderful but feel beautiful too thus complementing any ensemble without fail every time!

Full Zip Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Full zip sweaters provide practicality since their zipped fronts allow wearer adjust how much coverage want receive quickly easily making them key piece anyone who often finds themselves changing climates unexpectedly! These types garments tend come hooded varieties but also open face designs too enabling greater flexibility terms styling possibilities further enhancing scope outfits create combine together flawlessly into attractive ensembles whenever required! All full zip products supplied us manufactured highest standards finest yarns thus guaranteeing satisfaction guarantee upon receipt order irrespective age group gender!

Half Zip/ Quarter Zip Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh 

Half zip quarter zip jumpers bring retro inspired twist contemporary fashion world thanks combination classic aesthetic modern day technology – unlike full zips half quarter zipper closures typically located across chest area running across whole garment rather than simply going halfway down resulting entirely different look feel depending individual preference occasion might call! Whether need something casual wear relaxing home special night out town SiATEX Bangladesh offers wide variety fashionable half quarter zip jumpers bringing back classic 80’s vibe everyone loves enjoy again whilst retaining same level quality assurance produced same highly efficient factories always been proud claim part production process.

Wool Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Wool remains one oldest fabric materials used within clothing industry yet despite advances new technologies continues retain reputation being particularly warm hard-wearing choice especially when looked upon cold wintery days. At SiATEX Bangladesh source finest Merino sheep wool produce beautiful collection luxury woollen jumpers incorporating intricate stitching detail contrasting trimmings elevate overall appearance ensure remain competitive market whilst meeting latest industry compliance standards time. From ribbed knitwear cabled throw overs cable knit ponchos all way through vests waistcoats we’ve every need covered give customer ultimate experience possible no matter situation arise arises?

Acrylic Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

For those looking brighter more vibrant hues then acrylic should definitely consider option since thanks its chemical composition able dye vast spectrum colours whereas natural fibres lack ability do so certain degree. Additionally provides added benefit being lighter weight thus reducing load carried around person potentially leading less fatigue end busy working day too plus because synthetic nature dries quicker therefore easier care wash regularly compared counterparts. Here factory provide myriad choices oversized relaxed shapes form fitting skinnier fits handcrafted silky smooth textures guaranteed exceed expectations both terms affordability longevity?

Cotton Sweeter Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Cotton historically recognised having excellent absorbency characteristics since retains moisture well-meaning far less likely cause rashes irritations skin dryness temperatures begin rise making ideal hot summer days outdoors unlike majority synthetic fibers generally struggle handle perspiration body produces thereby leaving feeling uncomfortable sticky situation arises? But don’t worry here Bangladeshi manufacturers supply breathable jersey interlock fleece loopback sweat variations ensure remain cool comfortable whatever activity find yourself participating hence why absolutely essential keep least couple wardrobes ready disposal whenever life calls require us take action necessary.

Performance Sweeter Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Last but certainly least would performance category where material makeup chosen specifically enhance physical capabilities user example wicking properties help reduce build sweat helping stay fresher longer addition reflective details strategically placed help increase visibility low light environments thereby increasing safety user greatly important factor consider especially when engaging activities requires higher levels concentration alertness prevent accidents occurring either self-others alike? As usual each product goes rigorous testing evaluation stages before eventually given go ahead production takes place efficient manner compliant strict global regulations.

Sweater Factory in Bangladesh

SiATEX, a sweater factory based in Bangladesh, is the go-to source for private label and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sweaters. With decades of experience producing and exporting sweaters to customers around the world, they have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of high-quality knitted garments in Bangladesh. The factory is well equipped with advanced machinery and experienced staff to provide a wide range of services such as sublimation printing, embroidery, needlework edging, washing/dyeing and much more. With their advanced technology and vast industry knowledge they are able to provide impeccable quality control whether its OEM or sales program orders making them the top choice for anything from casual wear to sportswear garment production.

Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a Bangladeshi sweater manufacturer well-known for their production of private label, OEM sweaters. They have an extensive selection of sweaters made for all kinds of occasions, temperatures, and types of weather. Their sweaters are extremely well-made and use top-of-the-line materials that won’t break the bank. SiATEX not only has private label options but also helps customers create custom designs. Clients can provide sketches or pictures they want to bring to life, which SiATEX can then offer in any material they prefer. Their excellent craftsmanship paired with price points makes them a go-to choice for many companies that want quality garments that stay within their budget!

Sweater Exporter in Bangladesh

SiATEX is an innovative sweater exporter based in Bangladesh that offers Private Label and OEM services for clients all over the world. With years of experience in the industry, they cater to both small scale and large scale businesses with a commitment to offering quality products at competitive prices. From knit sweaters, cardigans and hoodies to casual wear apparel, they offer a wide choice in various styles, colors and materials. In addition, their eco-friendly production methods and ethical work practices make them ideal for companies wanting responsible fashion solutions. SiATEX truly stands out as one of the most reliable sweater exporters in Bangladesh today!

Custom Sweater Supplier in Bangladesh

SiATEX is an incredible sweater supplier in Bangladesh that specializes in private label and OEM projects. They are passionate about the quality of the sweaters they supply and take pride in their level of customer service. Their innovative approach to product development allows them to create stylish garments that meet their customers’ exact specifications. They offer a wide range of products, including equipment for embroidery, cutting machines, knitting machines, yarns and threads, buttons, zippers and labels – all at competitive prices. With their expertise and ability to produce custom orders quickly and efficiently, SiATEX helps brands achieve superior results with faster turnaround times than ever before.

Knitwear Factory in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a knitwear factory in Bangladesh that has become well known for its high-quality production work and excellent customer service. They specialize in both private label clothing products as well as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products. With their unique combination of skill, flexibility, efficiency, and innovation they are able to produce any kind of garment at an economical price. Through their consistent use of quality materials, cutting-edge production techniques, and commitment to sustainability SiATEX provides every customer with the highest level of product and satisfaction possible.

Vest Factory in Bangladesh

Established in 1987, SiATEX is the leading private label and OEM vest factory in Bangladesh. Located in Dhaka, they specialize in producing high-quality light vests and apparel that are manufactured with a combination of machine and hand craftsmanship. Their production process includes sourcing fabrics from both local vendors and overseas markets, cutting them to size, embroidering logos/designs, sewing panels together, adding buttons or other details as per customers’ requests. The factory also has its own design team which constantly develops new product concepts for customers who come to SiATEX seeking innovative ideas and solutions. In addition to standard vests, SiATEX can create custom designs that reflect a customer’s specifications regardless of quantity needed. All products meet international standards of quality control guaranteeing excellent service experience without fail.

Pullover Exporter in Bangladesh

SiATEX is an Bangladeshi-based export and private label business, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of pullovers. Their wide range of innovative designs and quality fabrics makes them the ideal choice for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) looking to bring unique, high-quality products to market. With two fully-equipped factories across Bangladesh that manufacture over 5 million pieces of clothing every month, SiATEX serves customers from around the world including Europe, USA, Australia and South America. The company has built a reputation for reliable production timelines, top quality assurance standards and superior customer service – making them a trusted name among international buyers.

Vest Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a Bangladesh-based casual vest manufacturer specializing in private label and OEM production. They offer an extensive range of high-quality vest styles, including waistcoats, sleeveless cardigans and blousons. SiATEX works closely with retailers, helping them to create their own custom designs or choose from their selection of ready-made options. Through meticulous attention to detail and use of top-of-the-line craftsmanship, they deliver stylish pieces for the fashion industry that are durable and long lasting. With over 30 years of experience in the garment industry, SiATEX has established itself as a preferred provider for many casual vest manufacturers worldwide looking for quality service and exceptional value.

Knitwear Exporter in Bangladesh

SiATEX is one of the leading knitwear exporters in Bangladesh, offering private label and OEM services to the global market. They specialize in garment manufacturing, particularly outerwear like sweaters, t-shirts and hoodies. With over 30 years of industry experience, their team of highly skilled staff work with top-of-the-line production equipment to make sure all items are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The company also engages in design development and product engineering services as well as fabric sourcing from some of the most reputable suppliers around. These efforts ensure that clients receive nothing short of premium products at competitive prices. All orders come with a guarantee for quick response time and on-time delivery which have been some of SiATEX’s hallmarks since day one.

Cardigan Exporter in Bangladesh

SiATEX is one of the premier cardigan exporters in Bangladesh. They specialize in private label and OEM orders, providing superior quality products created for specific customer needs. Their specialized team of professionals uses the latest technologies, materials, and techniques to produce stylish and comfortable cardigans for a variety of customers around the world. With highly competitive pricing, efficient distribution network, and an expert marketing team; SiATEX is able to provide industry leading products at low costs. The focus on customer satisfaction has allowed them to become a global leader in this field and their product portfolio is constantly expanding with new styles available every season. Whether you are looking for luxury cardigans or sturdy everyday pieces that are versatile enough to be dressed up or down – SiATEX has it all!

Vest Supplier in in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a vest supplier based in Bangladesh that specializes in providing high-quality private label and OEM garments for casual fashion markets. Their production capability and quality control standards are second to none, with factories equipped with advanced knitting, dyeing, weaving, and sewing technology. With strong industry links and experienced local management, they have built a solid reputation as one of the leading garment suppliers on the market, producing stylish items made from a variety of materials that suit the needs of the contemporary fashion buyer. SiATEX continues to set the standard when it comes to speed, efficiency and innovation in vest production and stands out amongst its competitors as an able supplier of garments that satisfy any level of casual style.

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Pullover Factory in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a private label pullover factory based in Bangladesh that specializes in supplying customers with high quality knitwear products. SiATEX offers a complete range of products from one-piece sweaters to advanced OEM jacket designs – all tailored to the needs and preferences of their clients. The company also provides excellent customer service and competitive price options, making them an ideal choice for those looking for custom pullovers. SiATEX’s mission is to produce garments that not only look great but are also ethically produced, ensuring no worker is exploited during production processes. Additionally, they are committed to providing the perfect level of comfort and satisfaction for each customer who buys their apparel. With world-class production capabilities, superior quality standards, and an innovative design team, SiATEX has become a leading manufacturer when it comes to crafting personalized pullovers with outstanding precision.

Vest Exporter in Bangladesh

SiATEX, one of the leading vest exporters in Bangladesh, offers a range of services to help you create your own wardrobe essentials. Their innovative private label and OEM programs allow you to customize products or create something from scratch while maintaining stringent quality standards. Their extensive network of factories and strategic partnerships with world-class vendors makes them an ideal choice for both small scale operations as well as large international fashion houses. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, SiATEX ensures that customers are provided with high-quality garments at competitive prices delivered on time.

Cardigan Supplier in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a leading supplier of cardigans in Bangladesh that specializes in producing garments for private labels and OEMs. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality product, delivering on time and meeting any specifications of their clients. They also have an extensive network of international suppliers, allowing them to source top-quality fabric and trims, as well as modern technology and skilled labor needed to produce superior results. Furthermore, SiATEX has a bevy of value added services from product innovation to designing software solutions for garment development. With such a comprehensive offering backed by unparalleled customer service, it’s no surprise that so many brands turn to SiATEX for their cardigan needs!

Knitwear Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SiATEX is an exciting knitwear manufacturer based in Bangladesh that specializes in private label and OEM products. With over a decade of experience, they are dedicated to offering their clients superior quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. Their talented team of designers use the latest trends and technology to bring your custom creations to life in any number of fabrics like sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies and more. SiATEX also offers hassle-free order fulfillment services from start to finish – from bulk production with QC assurance to packaging and branding design options. It’s no wonder why so many top brands trust this BSCI certified factory for delivering quality results within budget every time.

Cardigan Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SiATEX is an industry leader in the field of cardigan manufacturing based in Bangladesh. As a vertically integrated Private Label Manufacturer and OEM Supplier, SiATEX offers their customers both Knitted & Woven garments, as well as sublimation printing options. They manufacture high quality products with customized designs and provide personalized customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. They are committed to ethical production procedures, ensuring that all manufacturers comply with current labor laws and regulations as well as environmental standards. From sourcing raw materials to managing product mills, from textile processing to garment washing & finishing – SiATEX takes care of it all – making them the primary choice for companies across diverse industries who want efficient services at competitive prices.

Cardigan Factory in Bangladesh

SiATEX is an OEM and private label cardigan factory based in Bangladesh with over 30 years of experience that makes it one of the most sought-after suppliers in the country. With advanced knitting machines and expert knitters, SiATEX employs cutting-edge production techniques to create quality custom cardigans for global clients. Their products range from classic designs to sportswear garments and accessories, all crafted from the highest quality materials available. In addition, their in-house design team can create prototypes according to customers’ specifications. With a commitment to excellence at each step of the process, SiATEX has earned itself a reputation for providing reliable, affordable cardigans that fit every style need.

Pullover Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a leading Bangladeshi pullover manufacturer that offers private label and OEM services. They specialize in manufacturing custom designs for their clients with an eye towards quality, comfort, and style. Working only with the most reliable suppliers, each product is cut and sewn according to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Their team of expert fabric specialists, stylists, designers, and technical experts ensure that each item meets the exact requirements of the customer. SiATEX offers quick turnaround times and attentive customer service that makes ordering from them a breeze. Clients are sure to be inspired by the unique pullovers they can create with help from SiATEX!

Knitwear Supplier in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a leading knitwear supplier in Bangladesh, offering both private label and OEM services. They use the latest equipment to guarantee quality products, emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices in every stage of production. The company’s goods are tailored towards fashion-forward styles that are comfortable, trendy, and durable. With constant innovation, they continually update their library of fabrics to remain up-to-date with current trends while providing flexibility in design. Moreover, their expert team of designers, technicians, marketers and logistic staff come together to help customers around the world reach success through an efficient process that meets all demands without sacrificing quality or time.

Pullover Supplier in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a leading pullover supplier in Bangladesh, renowned for their outstanding quality and unmatchable customization options. Their private label service provides classic OEM products with unique embroidery and graphical designs, ensuring a completely bespoke product tailored to their customers exact requirements. SiATEX’s vast manufacturing capabilities guarantee top-notch production capacity of high-quality garments at competitive prices, providing unbeatable value for money. They also provide speedy sampling service and unparalleled customer support throughout the development process from fabric sourcing to bulk shipment. With such efficient solutions, it’s easy to understand why SiATEX is the go-to pullover supplier for companies across the world.

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Knitting Quality into Every Stitch – Bangladesh’s Leading Knitwear Manufacturer and Supplier

Bangladesh is a leading knitwear manufacturer and exporter in the world. With decades of experience in the industry, Bangladesh has become a reliable source of quality knitwear products for global buyers. Our product range includes sweaters, cardigans, vests, pullovers, t-shirts, polo shirts and more. We have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of top-notch knitwear products to our customers across the globe.

Our Commitment to Quality
At Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer and Export, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality knitwear products. We use only the best raw materials and employ state-of-the-art production techniques to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to quality has enabled us to build strong relationships with our customers and establish ourselves as a reliable supplier of high-quality knitwear products.

Our Manufacturing Process
At Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer and Export, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible product at competitive prices. Our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that every product meets our strict standards of quality. We use advanced machines and equipment to produce our garments in accordance with international standards. Our experienced team of professionals oversees every step of the manufacturing process from design to production to ensure that each product is produced with precision and care.

Our Dedicated Team
At Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer and Export, we are proud of our dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that each product is produced with care and attention to detail. Our team consists of experienced designers, production experts and quality assurance professionals who work together to ensure that each product meets our stringent standards for quality. We are committed to providing our customers with top-notch service and support throughout the entire production process.

Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer and Export is a leading supplier of high-quality knitwear products for global buyers. With decades of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable source for top-notch knitwear products at competitive prices. We use advanced machines and equipment combined with state-of-the-art production techniques to produce garments that meet international standards for quality. Our dedicated team of professionals works hard to ensure that each product meets our stringent standards for quality before it is shipped out. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and support throughout the entire production process.

Top 10 Sweater Exporters from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the leading exporters of sweaters in the world. The country is known for producing quality knitwear products at competitive prices. Here are the top 10 sweater exporters from Bangladesh:

1) SiATEX (BD) Ltd., 2) Grameen Knitwear Ltd., 3) SQ Group, 4) The Cotton Group, 5) DBL Group, 6) Epyllion Group, 7) Islam Knitwear Ltd., 8) Envoy Textiles Ltd., 9) Masco Group, and 10) Viyellatex Group

These companies produce a range of sweaters including cardigans, pullovers, V-necks, turtlenecks, and more. They export to major markets like Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia. Bangladesh’s sweater industry is growing rapidly and these top companies are playing a significant role in driving that growth.

Due to our commitment to quality and service, we have developed a strong client base located in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, UK, and USA.

We are confident that our exceptional quality and service will meet your requirements and are eager to receive your order request.

Available products: Sweater, Jumper, Pullover, Cardigan, Vest, Top, Scarf and many more.
Gauge Range: 1.5gg, 3gg, 5gg, 7gg, 10gg, 12gg, 14gg
Style Specialization: Basic, Full Cable, Jacquard, Intarsia, Pointal, Full Pattern, Argyle
Production time: Depends on order size
MOQ: 500 pcs per style

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