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FAQ: Sourcing

Q1. Where do you source your fabrics from?
A1. We source our fabrics from certified suppliers, and we use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics for our clothing.

Q2. Are your factories certified?
A2. Yes, our factories are certified by ISO, WRAP, BSCI, and SEDEX.

FAQ: Manufacturing

Q3. What is your minimum order quantity for fleece jackets manufacturing?
A3. Our MOQ for sweater manufacturing is 500 pieces per fabric type and each color/design.

Q4. Do you offer customization options?
A4. Yes, we offer customization options for screen printing and embroidery.

FAQ: Customization

Q5. Can I request a custom order?
A5. Yes, we offer custom clothes manufacturing to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Q6. Is there a minimum order quantity for custom orders?
A6. Yes, our MOQ requirement is 500 pieces per fabric type/color/design.

FAQ: Quality Control

Q7. Do you have a quality control process in place?
A7. Yes, we have a strict quality control process to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Q8. Do you offer third-party pre-shipment inspection?
A8. Yes, we offer third-party pre-shipment inspection at the buyer’s cost.

FAQ: Supply Chain

Q9. Are your products ethically made?
A9. Yes, we follow ethical practices in our supply chain and ensure fair labor practices.

Q10. Do you offer dropshipping services?
A10. No, we do not offer dropshipping services at this time.

FAQ: Payment and Pricing

Q11. What are your accepted payment methods?
A11. Our accepted payment methods are bank wire transfer and letter of credit (L/C).


FAQ: Concerns and Refunds

Q15. What should I do if I have any concerns about my order?
A15. Please contact our customer service team and we will do our best to address your concerns.

Men’s Micro Polar Fleece: Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe with SiATEX Bangladesh

SiATEX Bangladesh, a trusted name in the apparel industry, brings you the epitome of comfort and style with our exclusive line of Men’s Micro Polar Fleece. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh, we take pride in crafting high-quality micro polar fleece that transcends fashion boundaries.

Outdoor Micro Polar Fleece Men Jacket: Conquer the Outdoors in Style

For the modern adventurer, our Outdoor Micro Polar Fleece Men Jacket is a must-have companion. SiATEX understands the importance of staying warm while embracing the great outdoors. Our jackets are meticulously designed to provide optimum warmth and comfort, making every outdoor pursuit an enjoyable experience.

Men’s Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket: Seamless Style and Functionality

SiATEX Bangladesh introduces the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Men’s Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket. Crafted with precision, these jackets offer a versatile and trendy solution for your winter wardrobe. The full zip design ensures easy wear, making it an essential piece for various occasions.

Performance Polar Fleece Jacket: Unleash Your Potential

Our Performance Polar Fleece Jacket is designed for individuals who demand excellence in every aspect. SiATEX takes pride in offering jackets that not only provide warmth but also enhance your overall performance. Whether you’re engaging in outdoor activities or simply navigating your daily routine, these jackets are a testament to our commitment to quality.

Ladies Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket: Elegance Redefined

Discover elegance redefined with our Ladies Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket. SiATEX understands the unique fashion needs of the modern woman. Our jackets are not just about warmth; they are a statement of style. The full zip feature adds a touch of versatility, allowing you to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor settings.

Boy Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket: Trendy Comfort for Young Explorers

SiATEX Bangladesh caters to the fashion needs of the young explorers with our Boy Full Zip Polar Fleece Jacket. Designed to provide trendy comfort, these jackets are perfect for keeping the younger generation warm and stylish. Crafted with the same precision as our adult line, these jackets are a testament to our dedication to quality.

Custom Sportswear Polar Fleece Jacket: Your Style, Your Way

Express your unique style with our Custom Sportswear Polar Fleece Jacket. SiATEX empowers you to personalize your winter wardrobe, ensuring that your fashion choices reflect your individuality. Crafted for both style and comfort, these custom jackets are a canvas for your creativity.

Quarter Zip Polar Fleece Pullover Sweater: Effortless Style

SiATEX Bangladesh introduces effortless style with our Quarter Zip Polar Fleece Pullover Sweater. Perfect for layering or as standalone outerwear, these sweaters provide the ideal combination of warmth and fashion. Embrace the changing seasons with confidence and style.

Polar Anti Pill Fleece Full Zip Up Jacket: Pill-Resistant Perfection

Experience pill-resistant perfection with our Polar Anti Pill Fleece Full Zip Up Jacket. SiATEX is committed to providing jackets that stand the test of time. The anti-pill feature ensures that your jacket retains its pristine appearance, even after repeated wear.

Winter Warm Polar Fleece Jacket: Embrace the Chill in Style

SiATEX Bangladesh invites you to embrace the chill in style with our Winter Warm Polar Fleece Jacket. Designed for maximum warmth and comfort, these jackets are a staple for the winter season. Whether you’re strolling through the city or enjoying outdoor activities, our winter warm jackets are your perfect companions.

Outdoor Bonding Polar Fleece Jacket: Embrace Outdoor Adventures

SiATEX presents the Outdoor Bonding Polar Fleece Jacket, crafted for those who embrace outdoor adventures. These jackets are designed to withstand the elements while providing optimal warmth. Elevate your outdoor experience with the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Women’s Fleece Sweatshirt: Cozy Elegance

Indulge in cozy elegance with our Women’s Fleece Sweatshirt collection. SiATEX, a trusted manufacturer and supplier, brings you sweatshirts that seamlessly blend comfort and style. Whether you’re relaxing at home or heading out for a casual outing, our fleece sweatshirts are the epitome of comfort.

Army Hoodie Security Fleece Jacket: Unparalleled Comfort for Security Professionals

SiATEX Bangladesh understands the unique needs of security professionals, and our Army Hoodie Security Fleece Jacket is crafted to provide unparalleled comfort and functionality. Whether you’re on duty or off, these jackets ensure that security personnel are equipped with the best in both style and performance.

Sherpa Polar Fleece Jacket: Luxurious Warmth

Experience luxurious warmth with our Sherpa Polar Fleece Jacket. SiATEX, a leading manufacturer and supplier, presents jackets that feature Sherpa lining for an extra layer of coziness. Whether you’re navigating the urban landscape or embracing the great outdoors, our Sherpa jackets are the perfect blend of comfort and fashion.

Custom Hiking Fleece Jacket: Tailored for Adventure

Chart your own path with our Custom Hiking Fleece Jacket. SiATEX empowers you to personalize your outdoor experience with jackets tailored for adventure. Crafted for durability and comfort, these jackets are ideal companions for hiking enthusiasts who demand both style and performance.

The Top 10 Fleece Jackets Factories in Bangladesh

Fleece jackets are a popular clothing item for their warmth and comfort. In Bangladesh, there are many factories that specialize in producing high-quality fleece jackets. Here are the top 10 factories, with SiATEX Bangladesh topping the list:

  1. SiATEX Bangladesh – Known for their eco-friendly production methods and high-quality fleece jackets, SiATEX Bangladesh is a top choice for many retailers.
  2. Rupa Group – This factory produces a wide range of fleece jackets for all ages and genders.
  3. Ha-Meem Group – With a focus on sustainable and ethical production, Ha-Meem Group is a popular choice for fleece jackets.
  4. Pacific Jeans – This factory is known for their innovative designs and durable fleece jackets.
  5. Partex Group – With a long history in the garment industry, Partex Group produces high-quality fleece jackets for international brands.
  6. DBL Group – DBL Group prides itself on using cutting-edge technology to produce top-notch fleece jackets.
  7. Beximco Group – This factory uses sustainable materials and practices to create eco-friendly fleece jackets.
  8. Pioneer Jackets – Known for their affordable prices and wide range of styles, Pioneer Jackets is a popular choice for fleece jackets.
  9. Hameem Group – With a focus on quality control, Hameem Group produces high-quality fleece jackets for both local and international markets.
  10. Envoy Group – This factory prides itself on its skilled workforce and produces fleece jackets for a variety of well-known brands.

These are just some of the top fleece jackets factories in Bangladesh, known for their quality, innovation, and ethical practices. When searching for the perfect fleece jacket, consider choosing from one of these reputable factories.

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