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FAQ: Sourcing

Q1: Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A1: We have a MOQ of 3,000 pieces per fabric type, color, and design.

Q2: How many colors and designs can I choose from?
A2: We have a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Q3: Can you source eco-friendly and sustainable materials for me?
A3: Yes, we source OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and accessories. We also offer customization options to align with your sustainability objectives.

FAQ: Manufacturing

Q4: What are your lead times?
A4: Our lead times vary depending on the complexity of your order. For stock items, we aim to deliver within 4-6 weeks. For custom orders, lead times range from 30 to 60 days.

Q5: Can you provide customized labeling and packaging solutions?
A5: Yes, we offer customized labeling and packaging services to meet your branding needs.

Q6: How do you ensure quality control in your manufacturing process?
A6: We have a dedicated quality control team that inspects products at various stages of production. Additionally, third-party pre-shipment inspections are acceptable at the buyer’s cost.

FAQ: Customization

Q7: Do you offer customization options for your products?
A7: Yes, we offer customization for screen printing, embroidery, and design modifications.

Q8: Can I see samples before placing an order?
A8: Yes, we can provide samples for both available and custom designs. Samples for available designs take 3-5 days, while custom samples take 7-15 days to make.

Q9: Can you create custom designs based on my specifications?
A9: Yes, our design team can create custom designs based on your specifications.

FAQ: Quality Control

Q10: How do you ensure the quality of your products?
A10: We follow a strict quality control process that includes regular inspection of raw materials, production processes, and finished products.

Q11: Do you have any quality certifications?
A11: Yes, we have ISO 9001, WRAP, BSCI, SEDEX, and OEKO-TEX certifications, ensuring the quality of our products and manufacturing processes.

Q12: Can I arrange an independent inspection before shipment?
A12: Yes, you can arrange an independent inspection before shipment at your cost.

FAQ: Supply Chain

Q13: Where do you source your materials from?
A13: We source our materials from trusted suppliers who meet our quality and sustainability standards. We prioritize ethical and responsible sourcing practices.

Q14: Do you have a transparent supply chain?
A14: Yes, we are committed to supply chain transparency. You can request detailed information about our suppliers and manufacturing processes.

Q15: Are you able to accommodate urgent orders?
A15: We understand the importance of urgent orders. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we will make every effort to accommodate them.

FAQ: Payment and Pricing

Q16: What are your payment terms?
A16: Our payment terms are bank wire transfer and letter of credit (L/C).

Q17: Do you offer discounts for large orders?
A17: Yes, we offer competitive pricing for large orders. Contact us to discuss volume discounts and customized pricing options.

Q18: Can I get a quote for my order?
A18: Yes, please provide us with details about the quantity, fabric type, color, design, and any customization requirements. We will provide a detailed quote within 24 hours.

Luxurious Cashmere Sweaters in Australia
SiATEX Bangladesh offers luxurious cashmere sweaters that redefine elegance and comfort for the discerning market in Australia.

Trendy Knitwear Fashion in Austria
Our trendy knitwear fashion from SiATEX Bangladesh is making waves in the fashion scene in Austria, blending style and quality seamlessly.

Stylish Ladies Knitwear Belgium
Explore the epitome of style with SiATEX Bangladesh’s stylish ladies knitwear, tailored to perfection for the fashion-forward women in Belgium.

Best Hand Knitted Sweaters Canada
Discover the artistry of hand-knitted sweaters from SiATEX Bangladesh, providing the best in craftsmanship and warmth for the Canadian market.

Exclusive Jacquard Sweater Designs Denmark
SiATEX Bangladesh introduces exclusive Jacquard sweater designs that captivate the fashion landscape in Denmark with their unique patterns and sophistication.

Unique Embroidered Sweater Trends Dubai
Experience the pinnacle of fashion with SiATEX Bangladesh’s unique embroidered sweater trends, setting the style quotient in Dubai.

Fashionable Printed Sweaters Finland
SiATEX Bangladesh brings forth fashionable printed sweaters, combining style and warmth to suit the contemporary tastes of Finland.

Premium Pullover Collection France
Indulge in luxury with SiATEX Bangladesh’s premium pullover collection, a blend of French sophistication and comfort.

Cozy Men’s Sweaters Germany
SiATEX Bangladesh presents cozy men’s sweaters, a perfect fusion of warmth and style tailored for the fashion-conscious men in Germany.

Elegant Poncho Styles Greece
Adorn elegance with SiATEX Bangladesh’s poncho styles, creating a statement of sophistication for the fashion enthusiasts in Greece.

Top-notch Knitwear Hong Kong
SiATEX Bangladesh delivers top-notch knitwear that resonates with the discerning fashion taste of Hong Kong.

Latest Turtleneck Sweater Trends Iraq
Stay on trend with SiATEX Bangladesh’s latest turtleneck sweater trends, providing a perfect blend of fashion and comfort for Iraq.

Designer Sweaters Italy
Experience Italian finesse with SiATEX Bangladesh’s designer sweaters, crafted to perfection for the fashion aficionados in Italy.

Chic Jacquard Sweater Japan
SiATEX Bangladesh introduces chic Jacquard sweater styles, defining a new standard of fashion in Japan.

Modern Jumper Styles Jordan
Step into modernity with SiATEX Bangladesh’s jumper styles, setting the trend for contemporary fashion in Jordan.

Knitted Vest Fashion in Korea
SiATEX Bangladesh presents the epitome of knitted vest fashion, catering to the style preferences of fashion-forward individuals in Korea.

Exclusive Cashmere Sweaters Kuwait
Indulge in luxury with SiATEX Bangladesh’s exclusive cashmere sweaters, tailored for the elite fashion taste in Kuwait.

Hand Knitted Sweaters Malaysia
SiATEX Bangladesh offers hand-knitted sweaters that showcase craftsmanship and warmth, perfect for the Malaysian market.

Stylish Crochet Sweater Mexico
Explore style with SiATEX Bangladesh’s stylish crochet sweaters, bringing a touch of sophistication to the fashion scene in Mexico.

Designer Ponchos Netherlands
SiATEX Bangladesh introduces designer ponchos that redefine fashion in the Netherlands with their unique designs and quality.

Fashion-forward Pullover Oman
SiATEX Bangladesh’s fashion-forward pullovers set the trend in Oman, combining style and comfort seamlessly.

Best Printed Sweaters Puerto Rico
Discover the best in printed sweaters with SiATEX Bangladesh, offering a stylish wardrobe choice for the fashion enthusiasts in Puerto Rico.

Trendy Sweater Styles Qatar
SiATEX Bangladesh’s trendy sweater styles cater to the fashion-forward individuals in Qatar, bringing a perfect blend of style and warmth.

Premium Turtleneck Sweater Saudi Arabia
Indulge in premium turtleneck sweaters from SiATEX Bangladesh, tailored to meet the sophisticated fashion taste of Saudi Arabia.

Luxury Sweater Collection Singapore
SiATEX Bangladesh presents a luxury sweater collection that embodies style and comfort, catering to the fashion connoisseurs in Singapore.

Unique Hand Knitted Sweaters Spain
Experience the uniqueness of hand-knitted sweaters from SiATEX Bangladesh, setting a new standard of fashion in Spain.

Fashionable Ladies Knitwear Sweden
SiATEX Bangladesh’s fashionable ladies knitwear brings sophistication and style to the fashion scene in Sweden.

Cozy Men’s Sweaters UAE
Indulge in comfort and style with SiATEX Bangladesh’s cozy men’s sweaters, tailored for the fashion-conscious men in the UAE.

Exclusive Vest Collection UK
SiATEX Bangladesh introduces an exclusive vest collection that combines style and quality, setting the trend in the UK.

Jacquard Sweater Fashion USA
SiATEX Bangladesh’s Jacquard sweater fashion defines a new era of style in the USA, offering unique designs and quality craftsmanship.

Designer Cashmere Sweaters in Australia:
SiATEX Bangladesh offers a stunning collection of designer cashmere sweaters tailored for the Australian market.

Latest Knitwear Trends Austria:
Explore the epitome of fashion with SiATEX’s latest knitwear trends designed to captivate the Austrian fashion scene.

Elegant Ladies Knitwear Belgium:
Immerse yourself in the allure of SiATEX’s elegant ladies knitwear, crafted to perfection for the sophisticated taste of Belgium.

Stylish Hand Knitted Sweaters Canada:
SiATEX presents a line of stylish hand-knitted sweaters, a perfect blend of warmth and Canadian style.

Trendy Embroidered Sweater Designs Denmark:
Embrace the Danish fashion vibe with SiATEX’s trendy embroidered sweater designs, showcasing unparalleled style.

Cozy Printed Sweater Fashion Dubai:
SiATEX brings the essence of cozy printed sweater fashion to Dubai, blending comfort with Middle Eastern flair.

Premium Pullover Styles Finland:
Elevate your wardrobe with SiATEX’s premium pullover styles, crafted to meet the high fashion standards of Finland.

Modern Sweater Collection France:
Discover the epitome of modern fashion with SiATEX’s curated sweater collection designed to captivate the French sense of style.

Fashion-forward Men’s Sweaters Germany:
SiATEX offers fashion-forward men’s sweaters tailored to the sophisticated taste of the German market.

Unique Poncho Designs Greece:
Step into the world of Greek fashion with SiATEX’s unique poncho designs, marrying tradition with contemporary style.

Top-notch Knitwear Hong Kong:
SiATEX presents top-notch knitwear, setting new standards for sophistication and style in the vibrant fashion hub of Hong Kong.

Chic Turtleneck Sweater Trends Iraq:
SiATEX introduces chic turtleneck sweater trends that redefine Iraqi fashion with a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Exclusive Designer Sweaters Italy:
Indulge in luxury with SiATEX’s exclusive designer sweaters crafted to perfection for the discerning taste of Italy.

Jacquard Sweater Fashion Japan:
Experience the artistry of SiATEX’s jacquard sweater fashion, inspired by the rich traditions and modern aesthetics of Japan.

Stylish Jumper Styles Jordan:
SiATEX presents stylish jumper styles tailored to reflect the contemporary fashion sensibilities of Jordan.

Knitted Vest Collection Korea:
Explore SiATEX’s knitted vest collection, a fusion of Korean fashion influences and timeless elegance.

Luxury Cashmere Sweaters Kuwait:
Elevate your wardrobe with SiATEX’s luxury cashmere sweaters, epitomizing sophistication for the fashion-forward in Kuwait.

Hand Knitted Sweater Trends Malaysia:
SiATEX brings hand-knitted sweater trends to Malaysia, seamlessly blending craftsmanship and style.

Trendy Crochet Sweaters Mexico:
Dive into the world of Mexican fashion with SiATEX’s trendy crochet sweaters, offering a perfect mix of tradition and trend.

Designer Poncho Styles Netherlands:
SiATEX presents designer poncho styles that resonate with the fashion-forward individuals in the Netherlands.

Cozy Pullover Fashion Oman:
Embrace comfort and style with SiATEX’s cozy pullover fashion, designed to suit the fashion preferences of Oman.

Best Printed Sweaters Puerto Rico:
SiATEX offers the best in printed sweaters, combining vibrant designs with the laid-back charm of Puerto Rico.

Exclusive Sweater Trends Qatar:
Stay ahead of the fashion curve with SiATEX’s exclusive sweater trends tailored for the fashion enthusiasts in Qatar.

Premium Turtleneck Sweaters Saudi Arabia:
SiATEX introduces premium turtleneck sweaters, a perfect fusion of comfort and elegance for the Saudi Arabian market.

Luxury Sweater Fashion Singapore:
Elevate your style quotient with SiATEX’s luxury sweater fashion, designed to meet the high standards of Singaporean fashionistas.

Unique Hand Knitted Sweater Styles Spain:
SiATEX presents unique hand-knitted sweater styles, capturing the essence of Spanish fashion with flair.

Fashionable Ladies Knitwear Sweden: E
xplore SiATEX’s fashionable ladies knitwear, tailored for the chic and sophisticated taste of Sweden.

Cozy Men’s Sweater Collection UAE:
SiATEX’s cozy men’s sweater collection brings warmth and style to the fashion-forward individuals in the United Arab Emirates.

Jacquard Sweater Trends UK:
SiATEX sets the trend with jacquard sweater trends that embody the essence of British fashion sophistication.

Stylish Pullover Fashion USA:
Step into the realm of style with SiATEX’s stylish pullover fashion, tailored to meet the diverse fashion preferences of the United States.

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