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Private Label clothing manufacturers

Private Label Clothing

We SiATEX are a leading private label clothing manufacturer based in Bangladesh. We produce, manufacturer, export and wholesale supply t shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, denim jeans, shirts, sweaters, workwear, etc. from basic to fashionable including the following categories of garments in various qualities and weights for men, women and children:

Circular Knit items

T-Shirt, Polo shirt, Sweat shirt, Fleece Jacket & suit, Hooded sweat shirt, Tank tops, Blouses, Pyjamas, underwear, sportswear, work wear, corporate uniform etc.

Flat Knit items

Sweater, cardigan, pullover, jersey, jacket, vest, skirt dresses, scarf and cap, sportswear, work wear, corporate uniform etc. made from wool, cotton, acrylic and blended yarn.

Woven items

Business shirt, jeans, denims, flannel shirt, flannel pants, trousers, shorts, jackets, blouses, shirt-blouses, tops, long pants, dress pants, carpenter pant, cargo pant, capris, shorts, under pants, briefs, panties and sportswear, work wear, corporate uniform etc.

Bangladesh private label clothing manufacturer

We many customers worldwide and some of them are private label women’s clothing importer in USA and private label clothing manufacturers in china.

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Made in Bangladesh

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