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If you’re looking for a cheap kids wear supplier in Bangladesh, please chat with us now. We are a professional manufacturer of customized kids apparel and baby clothing. Our products include baby shirts, bibs, sweaters, shorts, beanies, hoodies, tees, and so on; we also customize children apparel for you according to your design requirements or our samples.

Products Specifications

Fabric content: Depends on the customer’s requirements
Fabric colour: Any colour on TCX/TPX or C Panton
Fabric certificate: OKEO-TEX Standard 100
AQL: 1.5 / 2.5

MOQ: 3,000 Pcs per style in three colours
Lead time: 30-100 days based on the order quantity
Shipment term: FOB Bangladesh or CNF / CIF



SiATEX – A Trusted Source for High-Quality Baby Wear in Bangladesh

SiATEX is a leading baby wear manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. Established in 1987, the company has been providing quality products to customers around the world for over 30 years. SiATEX specializes in producing high-quality baby clothing, including onesies, bodysuits, sleepwear, and other garments for infants and toddlers. The company is committed to providing safe and comfortable apparel that meets the highest standards of safety and quality assurance. SiATEX is dedicated to delivering superior customer service while continuously innovating new designs and fabrics that meet the needs of today’s discerning parents.

About SiATEX

SiATEX is a Bangladesh based garment manufacturing company which was established in 1987 with its head office located in Dhaka. The company has been a leader in supplying quality baby apparel products to customers around the world for over 25 years now. Its product range includes onesies, bodysuits, sleepwear, rompers as well as other garments for infants and toddlers. It also produces accessories such as bibs, blankets etc., which are made from 100% cotton fabric or blended fabric combinations with organic cotton or bamboo fiber fabrics among others.

SiATEX takes pride in its commitment towards providing safe and comfortable apparel that meets international standards of safety & quality assurance (ISO 9001:2015 certified). It has an experienced team of professionals who specialize in designing & developing innovative products using modern technology & machinery such as CAD/CAM systems & laser cutting machines etc., thus ensuring excellence at every step of production process from raw material sourcing to finished product delivery at customer’s doorstep.

The company also provides customization options like custom printing/embroidery services on all its products which can be tailored according to customer’s specific requirements or design specifications thereby making it easier for them to personalize their orders according to their individual needs & preferences without any hassle or delay whatsoever! Moreover they also offer competitive pricing along with timely delivery so that customers can get what they want within their budget constraints without having any worries about delays or extra charges due to late shipments etc., thus making it easier for them get exactly what they need when they need it!

Advantages of Choosing SiATEX Baby Wear Products

  • Quality Assurance: SiATEX takes great pride in ensuring that all its products are made with utmost care & attention by using only premium quality raw materials while following strict international standards (ISO 9001:2015 certified) throughout the production process from start till end so that customers can be sure about getting nothing but best when it comes down purchasing any item from them! This helps ensure maximum satisfaction levels among buyers who know that whatever they buy will be worth every penny spent on it!
  • Customization Options: As mentioned before SiATEX offers various customization possibilities like custom printing/embroidery services on all its products which makes it easier for buyers customize their orders according their individual needs & preferences without any hassle whatsoever! This helps ensure maximum satisfaction levels among buyers who know that whatever they buy will be exactly what they wanted without having worry about getting something different than what was ordered originally!
  • Competitive Pricing: The company also offers competitive pricing along with timely delivery so that customers can get what they want within their budget constraints without having any worries about delays or extra charges due to late shipments etc., thus making it easier for them get exactly what they need when they need it! This helps ensure maximum satisfaction levels among buyers who know that whatever money spent on buying items from this store won’t go waste due lack of value provided by product purchased from here compared other similar stores out there offering same items at higher prices but not delivering same level value proposition as offered by this store!
  • Timely Delivery: Last but not least one major advantage associated with choosing SiATEX baby wear products is timely delivery option available here where buyers don’t have worry about delays caused due long shipping times since this store ensures prompt shipment time frames irrespective order size so customers don’t have wait long before receiving goods ordered from here even if those orders are quite large size wise! This helps ensure maximum satisfaction levels among buyers who know whatever money spent on buying items from this store won’t go waste due lack of value provided by product purchased here compared other similar stores out there offering same items at higher prices but not delivering same level value proposition as offered by this store even after waiting longer duration than expected before receiving goods ordered originally!.

At SiATEX we strive hard towards providing our customers nothing but best when it comes down purchasing any item from us whether those purchases are related baby wear items or anything else we offer through our online store front!. We take great pride in ensuring highest standards of safety & quality assurance (ISO 9001:2015 certified) while continuously innovating new designs & fabrics meeting today’s discerning parents needs perfectly!. We also provide various customization options like custom printing/embroidery services on all our products which makes easier for buyers personalize their orders according individual needs & preferences without worrying about getting something different than what was ordered originally!. Moreover we offer competitive pricing along with timely delivery so customers can get exactly what want within budget constraints without having worry about delays caused due long shipping times!. All these advantages make us stand apart competition out there thereby helping us become one most preferred online destinations when comes down purchasing high-quality yet reasonably priced baby wear items anywhere across globe!.

Children Wear Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to a thriving children’s wear industry, which has been providing quality garments for kids of all ages since the country began producing clothing in the 1970s. The industry is now one of the biggest employers in Bangladesh and employs over 1 million people across more than 4,000 factories. It produces a range of children’s clothing items, including school uniforms, casual wear, nightwear and even swimwear. Many major brands are sourced from manufacturers in Bangladesh as they can offer competitive prices due to lower labor costs and better access to raw materials. These manufacturers produce everything from basic t-shirts to complex multi-piece sets with different styles and colors for boys and girls alike. As well as making sure that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality control, many Bangladeshi manufacturers also put an emphasis on using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

School Uniform Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to some of the best school uniform manufacturers in the world, offering uniforms that provide both comfort and style for students around the globe. From cotton twill shirts with single or double breast pockets to polyester trousers with adjustable waistbands or straight leg trousers with creases down each leg – there’s something for every student no matter their age or size. With an array of color options available too – these uniforms have become popular amongst schools across Bangladesh who want their students looking smart but feeling comfortable too! The best part about getting your school uniform from a manufacturer based in Bangladesh? You can be sure you’re getting an ethically produced product at an affordable price point – perfect for those working on limited budgets!

Kids Clothing Manufacturer

The kids clothing manufacturing industry has grown significantly over recent years; thanks largely to advances in technology as well as increased demand due to changing demographics. Today there are numerous companies dedicated solely towards creating clothes specifically designed for young children ranging from newborns right up until 14-year-olds. Most kids’ clothing manufacturers specialize either in formal attire or leisurewear – depending upon what type of garments they wish to produce; however, some companies may create both types so customers have more variety when shopping around for something special for their little ones! Common fabrics used by most Kids Clothing Manufacturers include cotton, jersey knit material (especially popular during summer months) & various synthetic fibers like polyester & spandex too; all chosen because they hold shape well whilst still being lightweight enough not to restrict movement too much!

Children Clothes Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to many talented Children Clothes Manufacturers who create stylish yet practical clothes suitable for any occasion or season that little ones might find themselves experiencing throughout life! These clothes are made using high quality fabrics such as 100% organic cotton, bamboo blend fabric & linen blend fabric giving each piece its own unique texture & feel ensuring maximum comfortability without compromising on style points either way! From cute dresses featuring intricate detailing such as flowery embroidery designs & lace trimmings through fashionable shorts sets paired with long sleeve tees ideal for playtime outside all day long – this selection offers something special just waiting to be discovered by parents out there seeking only the best apparel pieces their money can buy!

Kids Fancy Dresses Suppliers in India

India plays host not only to some incredible sights but also provides excellent service providers specializing within fancy dress supplies specifically aimed at children’s events/parties where fun costumes tend be top priority! With suppliers located throughout cities like Mumbai & New Delhi – it’s easy enough finding reputable vendors capable stocking large quantities based off customer requests while also having great knowledge when advising clients on certain outfits they should consider purchasing depending upon what kind event they’re hosting e.g theme birthdays etc… On average these suppliers stock hundreds if not thousands different costume pieces ranging traditional classic styles right through more modern pop culture ideas e.g superheroes etc… meaning parents won’t need worry about running out choices any time soon!

Boy’s Short Pyjamas Sets Pajama Manufacturers in Bangladesh

When it comes pajama sets – few countries can match expertise found within Bangladeshi pyjama set producers who work tirelessly provide families worldwide quality nightclothes able keep them warm during colder winter periods but light enough remain comfortable temperatures increase come springtime too! These pajamas typically feature short pants bottoms coupled tops adorned buttons complete look along optional hoodies added extra layer protection against chilly winds should need arise. Not mention vast array colors present means parents easily pick perfect set suit tastes child regardless how demanding may regarding design preferences! Plus benefit acquiring directly manufacturer instead going retailer ultimately means saving money due lack middlemen taking cut profits away pocket keeping wallet fuller longer!

Children Raincoat Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the leading exporters of raincoats for children. The textile industry in Bangladesh has witnessed a remarkable growth over the past decade, and with this has come an increase in demand for children’s raincoat manufacturers. A number of companies have established themselves as reliable suppliers of quality raincoats to customers around the world, including some of the biggest international brands. These companies often use innovative technology and high-quality materials to produce their products and are committed to providing excellent customer service. Moreover, they provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements from buyers. They also strive to improve production processes while being compliant with environmental regulations. As a result, Bangladeshi companies have become preferred suppliers for many global customers when it comes to producing children’s rainwear.

Kids Wear Manufacturer in Gujarat

Gujarat is one of India’s most important states when it comes to producing kids wear. It is home to several top-notch manufacturers that specialize in manufacturing kids wear for both domestic and international markets. The state offers an ideal environment for such operations due to its strategic location at the heart of India’s major trading hubs and its access to various resources like fabrics, machinery, chemicals etc. In addition, Gujarat boasts modern infrastructure facilities which aid production operations as well as transportation services that are necessary for delivery within short lead times. Furthermore, there are numerous incentives available from state governments that facilitate doing business in Gujarat such as tax exemptions or subsidies on investments made towards certain projects or technologies used by these factories resulting in competitive prices that make them even more attractive suppliers globally.

Raglan Sleeve T-shirts Factory in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh continues its rapid growth as a leading global apparel exporter, raglan sleeve t-shirts factories have gained prominence due their ability manufacture product efficiently with great attention paid towards quality control standards and other compliance requirements related labor laws or environmental regulations etc. Many factories employ latest cutting-edge technology like computerized embroidery machines which allow them greater flexibility while fulfilling orders according to exact specifications set out by customers at lower costs than those offered by competitors from other countries. In addition, Bangladeshi manufacturers offer attractive pricing structures making them preferred suppliers especially among importers from Europe & USA.

Kids Clothing Exporters from Bangladesh

Bangladesh has grown into a major player on the world stage when it comes exporting kids clothing due low-cost labor combined with good quality fabric availability resulting competitive prices compared rest global market. This allowed country become leader exports garments sector within last two decades enabling export worldwide range kids clothing items including tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets & footwear. Furthermore, government incentives & policies opened door large scale foreign investment into garment sector allowing emerging global players establish their businesses within country alongside local ones. All these factors combined enabled Bangladeshi exporters expand their reach beyond Asian continent into Europe & America offering exceptional value proposition terms designs styles innovation match latest fashion trends abroad.

Children T-shirt Importer in Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh

The Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA) traditionally relied heavily imports various consumer goods cover growing demands population however recent years emergence new economic conditions led increased focus improving local manufacturing capabilities particular apparel segment resulted sharp drop imports said category during same period. However despite decrease imports overall Bangladeshi t-shirt still managed retain strong presence market since prices remain competitive compared regional counterparts giving higher margins traders importing products KSA through preferential trade agreements between two countries meaning reduced import duties similar benefits consequently making viable option consumers looking buy quality yet affordable products region particularly given rise online shopping platforms recently providing easy access these items right doorstep without need visit physical store first thereby increasing popularity further more significantly.

Baby Tracksuit Set Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most popular countries for baby tracksuit set manufacturers. The country has a large number of garment factories, mostly dedicated to making infant and children’s apparel. Some of these factories are owned by global conglomerates and others are small-scale workshops. Most baby tracksuits come in sets that include a shirt, pants, shorts, and sometimes a jacket or vest. The fabrics used can range from cotton to polyester blends, depending on the needs of the customer. When it comes to design and fit, there is a wide variety available for different ages and sizes.

Kids Sport Wear Manufacturers

Sportswear manufacturers in Bangladesh are also highly sought after due to the country’s extensive experience with textile manufacturing. Many renowned brands have their own production facilities in Bangladesh which produce high quality sportswear such as t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, sweatshirts etc., using advanced technologies such as laser cutting and embroidery machines. These garments are exported all over the world since they meet strict quality standards which ensures that consumers get only top-notch products at an affordable price point.

Formal Kids Clothes Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known for its excellent formal clothing manufacturers who specialize in creating traditional kids clothes like shirts, blazers, slacks and dresses made out of superior fabrics like cotton twill or linen blend shirting fabric among others. Additionally, many producers also make more modern designs with interesting patterns or embellishments so that customers have plenty of options when selecting formal clothing items for their children’s wardrobe requirements. Whether it be school uniforms or casual outfits these producers offer great value for money with quick delivery times as well as customization services so that customers always get exactly what they need without any hassle at all!

Children Shirts Manufacturers in Bangladesh

The apparel industry is booming in Bangladesh with numerous companies producing various types of children’s shirts such as polo shirts, button down shirts etc., along with other kid’s wear including t-shirts and jeans manufactured from superior materials like cotton blends or terry cloth fabrics among many others! These products are exported worldwide since they provide excellent value for money by meeting international standards when it comes to design details as well as comfort levels due to advanced technologies used during production processes like computerized stitching machines etc., hence ensuring perfect fits every single time!

Kids Short Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to some world class kids short manufacturers whose products cater perfectly towards meeting the demands of consumers across various markets around the globe! Their expertise lies mainly within manufacturing shorts using premium materials such as denim fabric along with latest equipment like laser cutting machines which helps create attractive styles while ensuring superior comfort levels at all times! Furthermore, these producers often provide customization services so that customers can easily obtain desired results via personalizing certain elements without having to go through any difficult process whatsoever!

Kids Athletic Wear Suppliers in India

India is known for its textile industry, with many of the world’s largest suppliers of fabrics and apparel. The country has a wide range of kids athletic wear suppliers that are capable of producing quality garments for international markets. These suppliers use advanced technology to produce comfortable and stylish clothing for children. In recent years, the trend towards athleisure wear has increased demand from retailers across the globe, resulting in an increase in Indian manufacturers offering sports-related products. Many of these companies have adopted sustainable practices such as using organic materials and recycled fabric to create eco-friendly pieces. Additionally, some companies specialize in providing custom designs or branded logos on their items to meet consumer demands. With an experienced team of designers and a commitment to innovation, these suppliers are able to provide unique solutions that can help set businesses apart from their competitors.

Design T-Shirt Wholesale in Spain

Spain is home to a number of clothing design companies specializing in wholesale t-shirts production. Companies like Kayden Clothes have been supplying bulk orders for more than 20 years with high quality pieces made with great care and attention to detail. Furthermore, Spanish producers often incorporate traditional prints into modern designs – creating unique garments that draw attention on the global market. Through their well-established network with local craftspeople and fabric merchants, Spanish wholesalers guarantee quality fabrics at competitive prices for any budget. Moreover, they also offer personalized services such as customizing t-shirts according to individual specifications or printing corporate logos onto garments which will give your business a professional edge when it comes to marketing your brand internationally.

Kids Jacket Exporter in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the leading exporters of kids jackets around the world with an array of styles available from various renowned brands like Reebok and Puma. From lightweight windbreakers suitable for spring/summer seasons through heavier coats ideal for colder weathers – there is something here for everyone regardless of age or taste preferences! Furthermore, Bangladeshi exporters make use of cutting-edge production technologies while following strict safety regulations so you can rest assured knowing that all our products comply with international standards when it comes down durability as well as comfortability! Lastly but not least – due to its low labour costs coupled by its skilled workforce – Bangladesh offers extremely competitive prices which should be taken advantage off if you’re looking out cheaper alternatives without compromising on product quality!

Half Sleeve T-Shirts Wholesale in the UK

The United Kingdom offers an extensive selection when it comes down half sleeve t shirts wholesale options ranging from everyday casualwear through alternative streetwear perfect for those seeking something a bit edgier! Brands such as Ellesse London bring together classic silhouettes paired up with bold prints whilst more contemporary lines like Superdry stand out thanks too their modern cuts combined with eye catching branding details! On top off all this UK wholesalers often allow customers too customize orders depending on individual requirements – making them ideal partners no matter what type off project you may have on hand! All this accompanied by reasonable pricing makes them worth considering when sourcing new stock!

Organic Baby Clothes Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is becoming one of the most sought-after destinations when it comes down organic baby clothes manufacturing due to its strong track record both regarding production capabilities alongside ethical practices throughout entire supply chain processes! For instance, brands like Little Green Kids focus heavily on sustainability – meaning all materials used come straight from reliable sources who prioritize animal welfare & environmental protection above everything else thus ensuring highest possible standard off responsible garment production! Similarly, many producers make sure all workers involved get paid fair wages alongside providing safe working conditions plus much needed medical assistance if required! As result Bangladeshi manufacturers stand out amongst competition thanks too ability offer both reasonable pricing alongside peace mind knowing purchase coming from trustworthy sources!

Kids Casual Wear Suppliers from China

The Chinese textile industry is one of the biggest in the world and has been a major supplier of kids casual wear for decades. There are many suppliers in China that specialize in providing quality, affordable clothing for children, ranging from t-shirts to jeans and other outerwear. The cost savings associated with sourcing clothing from China can be significant, especially if you’re purchasing large quantities. Additionally, there are several reliable online sources that can provide detailed information about the different kinds of clothes available as well as contact details for suppliers. As an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, purchasing wholesale kids casual wear from Chinese manufacturers is becoming increasingly popular among buyers worldwide.

Kids Clothing from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is another major source of children’s apparel and accessories due to its low labor costs and abundant natural resources. It offers a range of fabrics suitable for both formal and casual wear at very competitive prices. Many international brands have established their own production units in Bangladesh to take advantage of its favorable conditions for manufacturing garments for kids. The country also has some excellent infrastructure which makes it easy to move goods quickly and efficiently around the world. Furthermore, local designers bring unique styles to the market which appeal to customers looking for something special at lower prices than they’d find elsewhere.

Children Sweater Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Sweaters have become a staple item of winter fashion all over the world, but few countries offer such high-quality sweaters at such affordable prices as those made by Bangladeshi manufacturers. From classic woolens designs to modern knitted creations with intricate patterns or bold colors – Bangladeshi sweater makers cater to every need when it comes to winter outerwear fashion choices for children and adults alike! With numerous factories based in this country specializing exclusively on making sweaters, buyers can rest assured that they’ll get only top-quality products delivered right on time – plus great discounts too!

Kids Tracksuits Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Tracksuits are gaining popularity as everyday leisurewear amongst kids everywhere; these comfortable outfits allow them more freedom while still maintaining a smart look without having an overly formal feel like regular trousers or jeans might do! Bangladeshi tracksuit manufacturers offer customers wide variety of styles along with amazing fabric choices so they can pick exactly what they’re looking for; whether it’s stylishly trendy or classical elegance –they have options available within any budget without compromising on quality standards whatsoever!

V Neck Shirt Wholesale In The UK

The v neck shirt is one of those timeless pieces that never go out style – no matter what season it is! And luckily enough UK wholesalers are always stocked up with these fashionable shirts year-round so retailers don’t ever run out! These V neck shirts come in various colors & sizes & materials giving buyers plenty choice when ordering bulk orders; additionally, all these shirts feature superior craftsmanship & remarkable attention paid towards every detail making sure even after multiple washes their colors remain true & vibrant just like day 1! Plus, all this luxury comes at very reasonable prices so everyone’s happy –customers get great value while retailers enjoy hefty profits too!

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