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Polar Fleece Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of outdoor clothing, using polar fleece and microfleece fabrics to produce jackets, sweaters, sweatpants, cloth nappies and gym clothes. We have designers and merchandisers on our team who will be happy to assist you if you would like us to make or manufacture any custom clothing for you. We are able to offer you a quote for your requirements.

Product Development

At SiATEX Bangladesh, we understand that innovative and appealing products are the lifeblood of your fashion business. Our product development services are tailored to transform your ideas into reality. Our team of experienced designers, skilled pattern makers, and industry experts collaborate with you to create and refine your concepts. We provide comprehensive support, from concept development to material selection, prototyping, and detailed planning. Our focus on the latest trends, sustainable materials, and cost-effective solutions ensures your products stand out in the market. Whether you’re looking to launch a new clothing line or refresh an existing one, our product development services are the key to your success.


The creation of samples is a critical step in the fashion industry, where quality and precision matter. SiATEX Bangladesh offers a dedicated sampling service that refines your designs and ensures your vision is brought to life. We work with precision and attention to detail, offering you a range of sample types, from prototype samples for your initial assessment to pre-production samples for final adjustments. Our skilled team of seamstresses and artisans craft these samples with precision. We understand the importance of timely and accurate sampling to meet tight schedules and demanding quality standards. Trust us to deliver the samples that set the stage for a successful production run.

Production Management

Successful clothing production requires a sophisticated understanding of the entire process, from raw materials to the finished garment. At SiATEX Bangladesh, our production management services ensure a seamless, efficient, and quality-driven process. We meticulously plan, monitor, and execute every phase of production, from cutting and sewing to quality control and packaging. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to handle large volumes while maintaining strict quality standards. We are committed to timely deliveries and efficient use of resources, and our expertise is the cornerstone of our reputation as a reliable garments manufacturer and exporter. Leave the complexities of production to us and watch your vision come to life with precision and efficiency.



Welcome to SiATEX Bangladesh – Your Trusted Fleece Jacket Manufacturer and Supplier

When it comes to premium quality fleece jackets, SiATEX Bangladesh is your go-to choice. As a leading garments manufacturer and supplier, we specialize in creating exceptional fleece jackets that cater to your unique needs. With a commitment to quality and a passion for fashion, we bring you a wide range of fleece jackets to keep you warm and stylish throughout the year.

Discover Our Diverse Range of Fleece Jackets

  • Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: SiATEX Bangladesh is a pioneer in crafting high-quality fleece jackets. Our manufacturing expertise ensures that you receive top-notch fleece jackets that are both comfortable and durable.
  • Warm Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Stay cozy and comfortable with our warm fleece jackets. We provide you with the ideal solution for those chilly days.
  • Custom Fleece Jackets Manufacturer in Bangladesh: Looking for a unique touch? Our custom fleece jackets offer the perfect canvas to express your creativity and style.
  • Outdoor Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: For outdoor enthusiasts, our outdoor fleece jackets are designed to withstand the elements while keeping you warm and comfortable.
  • Hiking Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: Hit the trails in style and warmth with our hiking fleece jackets, crafted with adventure in mind.
  • Promotional Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Make a lasting impression with our promotional fleece jackets, ideal for brand marketing and events.
  • Full-Zip Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: Convenience meets style with our full-zip fleece jackets. Easy to put on and take off, they are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.
  • Winter Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Embrace the winter season with our winter fleece jackets, designed to keep you snug during the coldest months.
  • Hooded Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: Stay protected from the wind and cold with our hooded fleece jackets, combining fashion and function.
  • Corporate Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Elevate your corporate identity with our premium corporate fleece jackets. They’re the perfect choice for your team.
  • Fleece Windbreaker Manufacturer in Bangladesh: When you need protection against wind and rain, our fleece windbreakers are your reliable companion.
  • Kids’ Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Keep the little ones warm and stylish with our kids’ fleece jackets, designed with care and comfort in mind.
  • Women’s Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: For the fashion-conscious women, our women’s fleece jackets offer both style and warmth.
  • Fashionable Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Stay in vogue with our fashionable fleece jackets that blend trendsetting designs with comfort.
  • Men’s Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: Our men’s fleece jackets are tailored for a perfect fit, ensuring that you look sharp while staying warm.
  • Thick Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: For the coldest days, our thick fleece jackets provide the ultimate protection and insulation.
  • Fleece Hoodie Manufacturer in Bangladesh: Combining the best of both worlds, our fleece hoodies offer style, comfort, and warmth.
  • Classic Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Classic never goes out of style. Explore our timeless classic fleece jackets.
  • Camo Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: Blend into the wild with our camo fleece jackets, designed for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Bulk Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Need jackets in large quantities? We provide bulk fleece jackets with the same quality and style.
  • Double-Layer Fleece Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh: When a single layer isn’t enough, our double-layer fleece jackets offer extra insulation.
  • Custom Embroidered Fleece Jacket Supplier in Bangladesh: Personalize your fleece jackets with custom embroidery, making them uniquely yours.
  • Buy Fleece Jackets in the United Kingdom: When it comes to staying warm and stylish in the United Kingdom, our fleece jackets are a perfect choice. With a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes, you can find the ideal fleece jacket to keep you cozy during the chilly British winters. Explore our collection now!
  • Purchase Fleece Vests in France: For those looking to add an extra layer of warmth to their outfits in France, our fleece vests are a fantastic option. These versatile vests are not only comfortable but also fashionable. Browse our selection to discover the perfect fleece vest for your needs.
  • Shop for Fleece Outerwear in Italy: In Italy, where fashion meets functionality, our fleece outerwear is the ideal choice. Our collection includes a variety of fleece jackets, hoodies, and vests that offer both style and comfort. Explore the Italian-inspired designs and find your perfect fleece outerwear today.
  • Order Fleece Hoodies in Spain: Stay snug and trendy with our fleece hoodies in Spain. These hoodies are designed for those who appreciate comfort and fashion. Whether you’re lounging at home or heading out, our fleece hoodies are the perfect companions. Place your order today!
  • Get Cozy Fleece Jackets in Germany: When the weather turns colder in Germany, our cozy fleece jackets come to the rescue. Crafted for warmth and comfort, these jackets are essential for your winter wardrobe. Discover our selection of fleece jackets and embrace the German winter in style.
  • Find Stylish Fleece Vests Online in Sweden: Searching for stylish yet functional fleece vests in Sweden? Look no further. Our online store offers a wide range of fleece vests that cater to your fashion preferences and warmth needs. Browse through our collection and stay cozy during Swedish winters.
  • Buy Warm Fleece Outerwear in Denmark: In Denmark, where staying warm is a must, our fleece outerwear is your best companion. Our range includes fleece jackets and vests that provide the warmth you need without compromising on style. Buy your warm fleece outerwear today and embrace the Danish winter.
  • Choose from Fleece Zip-Up Jackets in the Netherlands: For those in the Netherlands, our fleece zip-up jackets are a perfect choice. These jackets are not only easy to wear but also versatile and trendy. Explore our selection and choose the perfect fleece zip-up jacket to suit your Dutch lifestyle.
  • Purchase High-Quality Fleece Products in Belgium: Belgium demands high quality, and our fleece products meet that standard. From jackets to vests, we offer top-notch fleece garments designed to keep you warm in style. Discover our collection of high-quality fleece products and elevate your Belgian wardrobe.
  • Explore Fleece Jacket Collections in Switzerland: Switzerland’s diverse weather requires versatile clothing. Our fleece jacket collections are designed to meet those needs. With a wide array of designs and sizes, you can explore our Swiss-inspired fleece jackets and find the perfect fit for your adventures.
  • Buy Fleece Outerwear for Winter in Austria: Embrace the Austrian winter with our fleece outerwear. Our collection includes jackets and vests designed to keep you toasty during the colder months. Browse through our Austrian-inspired designs and purchase your ideal fleece outerwear today.
  • Find Fashionable Fleece Vests in Ireland: Discover the perfect blend of fashion and warmth with our fashionable fleece vests in Ireland. These stylish vests are designed to keep you cozy without compromising on your look. Explore our collection to find the ideal fleece vest that complements your Irish style.
  • Shop for Eco-Friendly Fleece Jackets in Finland: In Finland, where nature and sustainability matter, our eco-friendly fleece jackets align perfectly with your values. Crafted with the environment in mind, our fleece jackets offer warmth while being eco-conscious. Shop now to experience eco-friendly fashion.
  • Order Customized Fleece Hoodies in Greece: For a personalized touch to your wardrobe in Greece, consider our customized fleece hoodies. These hoodies not only keep you warm but also reflect your unique style. Order your customized fleece hoodie and stand out with a fashion statement that’s truly yours.
  • Buy Fleece Outdoor Wear in Poland: When you’re outdoors in Poland, staying warm is essential. Our fleece outdoor wear is designed to keep you comfortable during all your adventures. From jackets to vests, we have the perfect fleece garments for your outdoor escapades.
  • Purchase Fleece Jackets and Vests in the Czech Republic: Czech Republic residents, we’ve got your winter wardrobe covered with our fleece jackets and vests. These versatile garments provide warmth and style, perfect for the local climate. Purchase your fleece jacket or vest today and stay cozy throughout the season.
  • Explore Cozy Fleece Collections in Hungary: Experience the ultimate coziness with our fleece collections in Hungary. Our range includes jackets, vests, and more, all designed for your comfort. Explore our collection and find the perfect fleece garment to embrace Hungarian winters.
  • Buy Durable Fleece Outerwear in Romania: In Romania, where durability matters, our fleece outerwear is built to last. Whether it’s a jacket or a vest, you can trust in the longevity of our products. Buy durable fleece outerwear today and ensure you’re prepared for Romanian winters.
  • Shop for Versatile Fleece Products in Bulgaria: Bulgaria’s diverse climate requires versatile clothing. Our fleece products are designed to meet those needs. With a wide array of designs and sizes, you can explore our collection and choose the perfect fleece garment to suit your lifestyle.
  • Get Premium Fleece Jackets and Vests in Croatia: For premium fleece jackets and vests, look no further than our collection in Croatia. Crafted with attention to detail, these garments offer both warmth and style. Shop our premium fleece jackets and vests and elevate your winter wardrobe.
  • Buy Stylish Fleece Hoodies in Slovakia: Slovakia residents, stay stylish and warm with our fleece hoodies. These hoodies are not just cozy but also trendy. Whether you’re going out or staying in, our stylish fleece hoodies are a must-have. Purchase yours now!
  • Find Affordable Fleece Outerwear in Slovenia: In Slovenia, staying on a budget is crucial. Our affordable fleece outerwear allows you to stay warm without breaking the bank. Explore our range of cost-effective fleece jackets and vests and enjoy Slovenian winters without financial worries.
  • Purchase High-Performance Fleece Products in Latvia: For high-performance fleece products in Latvia, we’ve got you covered. Our garments are designed to withstand extreme conditions while keeping you comfortable. Purchase your high-performance fleece jacket or vest and conquer Latvian winters with ease.
  • Shop for Trendy Fleece Jackets and Vests in Portugal: Portugal residents, embrace the latest trends in fleece fashion with our jackets and vests. Our trendy fleece collections are designed to keep you warm while making a style statement. Shop for trendy fleece jackets and vests today.
  • Order Fleece Outerwear for Outdoor Activities in Estonia: For outdoor enthusiasts in Estonia, our fleece outerwear is a perfect fit. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or simply exploring the outdoors, our garments offer the warmth and functionality you need. Order your fleece outerwear and gear up for outdoor adventures in Estonia.

Why Choose SiATEX Bangladesh for Fleece Jackets?

SiATEX Bangladesh is your trusted partner for fleece jackets because we prioritize quality, style, and your individual needs. Our commitment to excellence, precision manufacturing, and fashion-forward designs set us apart. We understand that staying warm and looking great go hand in hand, and we’re here to make it happen for you.

Explore our extensive range of fleece jackets today and experience the perfect blend of fashion and comfort. SiATEX Bangladesh – Where Warmth Meets Style!

Top 10 work fleecewear manufacturers in Bangladesh

Here are some of the prominent fleecewear manufacturers in Bangladesh:

1. SiATEX Bangladesh Limited
2. Square Fashions Limited
3. Ananta Group
4. DBL Group
5. Viyellatex Group
6. Noman Group
7. Pacific Jeans Limited
8. Epyllion Group
9. Beximco Group
10. Hirdaramani Bangladesh

These are just a few examples of well-known manufacturers, and there may be other companies that are equally good or better depending on various factors like the type of product, quality, pricing, etc.

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