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FAQ: Sourcing

Q1: Where do you source the materials for your rugby shirts?
We carefully source our materials from trusted suppliers both locally and internationally, ensuring high quality and compliance with industry standards.

Q2: Are your factories certified?
Yes, our factories are certified by ISO, WRAP, BSCI, and SEDEX, demonstrating our commitment to ethical manufacturing practices and social compliance.

Q3: What certifications do your fabrics have?
We use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics to produce our rugby shirts, ensuring they are free from harmful substances and safe for use.

FAQ: Manufacturing

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom rugby shirts?
Our MOQ is 1,000 pieces per fabric type, color, and design. This allows us to maintain efficiency in production and offer competitive pricing.

Q5: Can you manufacture rugby shirts according to our specific requirements?
Absolutely! We specialize in custom clothes manufacturing and can create rugby shirts tailored to your specific needs, including design, color, and sizing.

FAQ: Customization

Q6: What customization options do you offer for rugby shirts?
We offer customization options such as screen printing and embroidery. You can add your team logo, graphics, or any other desired artwork to personalize the rugby shirts.

Q7: Can I provide my own design for customization?
Certainly! We welcome your custom designs. You can provide us with your design, and our team will work closely with you to ensure it is accurately applied to the rugby shirts.

FAQ: Quality Control

Q8: How do you ensure the quality of your rugby shirts?
We have a rigorous quality control process in place. Our experienced team conducts thorough inspections at every stage of production to ensure that our rugby shirts meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Q9: Do you offer third-party pre-shipment inspections?
Yes, we offer the option of third-party pre-shipment inspections. However, please note that the cost of the inspection will be borne by the buyer.

FAQ: Supply Chain

Q10: How do you manage your supply chain for rugby shirts?
We have a well-established supply chain management system. We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure timely delivery of materials and efficient production processes for our rugby shirts.

Q11: Do you have reliable shipping processes for rugby shirts?
Yes, we have reliable shipping processes in place. We work with trusted shipping partners to ensure that our rugby shirts are delivered safely and on time to our customers.

FAQ: Payment and Pricing

Q12: What are your accepted payment methods?
We accept bank wire transfer and letter of credit (L/C) as our payment methods.

Q13: Do you offer any discounts for bulk orders of rugby shirts?
Yes, we offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your specific requirements and pricing details.

Rugby Shirt – Unmatched Quality on the Field

Exceptional Craftsmanship, Rugby-Ready: Experience unmatched quality on the field with our Rugby Shirts, crafted for durability and performance.

Promotional Logo Printed T-shirt – Brand Your Style

Elevate Your Brand with Unique Logos: Our Promotional Logo Printed T-shirts empower you to showcase your brand uniquely, combining comfort with personalized style.

Men’s Cotton Raglan Baseball T-shirt – Sporty Comfort

Sporty Style with Cotton Comfort: Embrace sporty comfort with our Men’s Cotton Raglan Baseball T-shirts, blending style and cotton coziness effortlessly.

Raglan T-shirt – Casual Style, Maximum Comfort

Casual Comfort in Every Stitch: Embrace casual style and maximum comfort with our Raglan T-shirts, perfect for laid-back yet stylish moments.

Graphic Print T-shirt – Wear Your Expression

Express Yourself with Graphic Prints: Embrace individuality with our Graphic Print T-shirts, allowing you to wear your expression and stand out in style.

Printed Reunion T-shirt – Commemorate Moments in Style

Celebrate Reunions with Unique Prints: Commemorate special moments with our Printed Reunion T-shirts, featuring unique prints for a stylish celebration.

Promowear Running T-Shirt – Run in Style

Style Meets Performance on the Run: Run in style with our Promowear Running T-Shirts, designed to blend fashion seamlessly with high-performance features.

Promotional Logo Print Branded T-shirt – Branded Elegance

Elegance with Promotional Branding: Elevate your brand with our Promotional Logo Print Branded T-shirts, combining elegance with effective promotional branding.

Promotional Branded Apparel – Promote with Style

Style That Speaks, Promotion That Works: Promote with style through our Promotional Branded Apparel, offering a range of stylish options for effective promotion.

Private Label T-shirt – Your Brand, Our Craftsmanship

Crafting Quality with Your Brand: Craft your brand identity with our Private Label T-shirts, where quality meets the unique essence of your brand.

Custom Print Men’s T-shirt – Your Design, Our Canvas

Design Your Style, Wear Your Creativity: Create your style with our Custom Print Men’s T-shirts, turning your design into a wearable masterpiece.

Vintage Logo Tee Shirt – Timeless Style

Timeless Style with Vintage Vibes: Embrace timeless style with our Vintage Logo Tee Shirts, featuring classic designs for a touch of nostalgia.

Men’s Baseball T-shirt – Sporty Elegance

Elegance Meets Sporty Appeal: Experience sporty elegance with our Men’s Baseball T-shirts, combining style with a touch of athletic flair.

Mens Graphic Tee – Style That Speaks

Speak Your Style with Graphics: Speak your style with our Mens Graphic Tees, featuring unique graphics for a bold fashion statement.

Rainbow Logo T-shirt – Vibrant Style

Vibrant Colors, Vibrant Style: Infuse vibrant colors into your style with our Rainbow Logo T-shirts, adding a lively touch to your wardrobe.

Logo Printed Promo T-shirt – Promotional Style

Promote with Every Wear: Promote your brand effortlessly with our Logo Printed Promo T-shirts, turning every wear into a promotional opportunity.

Logo Printed Promotional T-shirt – Branding in Every Thread

Threaded with Promotional Essence: Showcase your brand in every thread with our Logo Printed Promotional T-shirts, blending style with effective branding.

Casual Graphic T-shirt – Effortless Style

Casual Comfort, Effortless Style: Embrace effortless style with our Casual Graphic T-shirts, offering comfort and fashion in every wear.

Round Neck Men’s T-shirt – Classic Comfort

Classic Comfort, Timeless Appeal: Experience classic comfort and timeless appeal with our Round Neck Men’s T-shirts, perfect for everyday wear.

Custom Designed T-shirt – Your Style, Our Creation

Design Your Identity, We Craft It: Craft your unique identity with our Custom Designed T-shirts, where your style becomes our creation.

Mens Graphic Tee – Style That Speaks

Speak Your Style with Graphics: Speak your style with our Mens Graphic Tees, featuring unique graphics for a bold fashion statement.

List of “The Top 10 Sportswear Factories in Bangladesh”

Sportswear factories in Bangladesh have gained recognition for producing high-quality and affordable athletic apparel. With a growing demand for sportswear, these factories have made a significant impact in the global market. Here are the top 10 sportswear factories in Bangladesh:

1. SiATEX Bangladesh: This factory is known for its sustainable approach to manufacturing sportswear and has a wide range of products for various sports.

2. Interstoff Apparels Ltd.: With over 30 years of experience, this factory produces high-quality sportswear for renowned brands around the world.

3. Ha-Meem Group: This group has several factories that specialize in producing sportswear for different sports, including football, cricket, and hockey.

4. Chorka Textile: This factory has state-of-the-art machinery and skilled workers that produce high-quality sportswear for international brands.

5. Surma Garments Ltd.: This factory has been in the sportswear industry for over 20 years and has a reputation for delivering top-notch products.

6. Opex Sinha Group: With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, this factory produces sportswear for various international brands.

7. AKH Group: This group has several factories that produce sportswear for popular brands such as Adidas, Puma, and Reebok.

8. Dragon Sweater and Spinning Ltd.: This factory has a wide range of sportswear products and is known for its efficient production process.

9. BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology: This university has a production unit that produces high-quality sportswear for various local and international brands.

10. Designtex Knitwear Ltd.: This factory has a team of skilled professionals that produce high-quality sportswear for renowned brands globally.

In recent years, the sportswear industry in Bangladesh has grown significantly, with these top factories playing a crucial role in its success. These factories not only produce top-quality products but also prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, making them stand out in the global market.

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